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We are glad you joined WeKnow and want you to enjoy the most efficient process of performing market research, where your best skills can match your highest ambition. Please read the following process and policy carefully.   

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Notification for opportunity 

Together with other analysts who have been found to be the most suitable to carry out the market research, you will receive a notification message that includes: 

  • A detailed work order with all the information you need for the requested market research

  • The budget (determined by the customer)

  • Information about the schedule and the deadline

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Two analysts are selected and do the research

Out of the list of analysts who submitted a request to perform the job, two are selected. They each perform the work independently.
Each of the two analysts performs the research and transfers it to WeKnow.
WeKnow sends both of the reports to the customer, who then reads the reports and can ask questions (requests for clarification are communicated through WeKnow). After a clarification cycle, the research ends.

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The money is split between the two analysts

The customer ranks the deliverables. According to the weighting of the two studies, the system divides the total budget between the two analysts (minus 20% commission). 
Pay attention: The payment is divided between the two analysts based on the customer’s level of satisfaction. If the customer ranks your report higher, you get a larger portion of the payment. 
Once customer pays, the money is transferred to the analyst’s account within several days.

What else?

  • Anonymity: The analyst and the client are never in direct contact and do not know each other's identity.

  • The entire process is supervised by a professional analyst supervisor. 

  • The analyst’s rating for each deliverable determines their overall ranking and affects the likelihood that they’ll be chosen for future jobs on the platform.

Thanks, you're now an active analyst on WeKnow platform

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