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Work process

WeKnow allows both customers and analyst to enjoy from maximum efficiency.

For businesses and organizations

All you need to do is define the scope of the work brief. The rest of the process is done automatically.

• Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find a match for you

• Set the delivery schedule, your budget, and deposit the payment

• Receive your market research report just the way you ordered it and rank the quality of the work

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For expert analysts

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You receive the most suitable projects according to the information in our system.

• Commit to deliver projects based on the scope of work, schedule, and budget.

• Do the research and deliver the project according to schedule.

• Receive payment as soon as we receive confirmation that the work was delivered as promised.

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Quality assurance

The matching of analysts and requirements, as set in the scope of work, is based on multiple weighted parameters such as general professional record, experience, and knowledge of the specific domain, cultural and geographical contexts, and track record with WeKnow, to name a few.

The process involves multiple filtering technologies and is monitored by an expert from beginning to end. The unique solution ensures maximum efficiency, tremendous savings in resources, and excellent results for both customers and analysts.

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