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Who we are

About us

WeKnow is an intuitive, efficient, high quality and cost effective marketplace platform for conducting custom market research. 
We cater for the needs of businesses and organizations who are interested in market research, and also for the needs of independent expert analysts who conduct the research. ​
WeKnow's advanced system accurately aligns the specific needs of the customer, as defined in the project scope request, with the relevant expert analyst who will carry out the research.
The process is monitored and QAd by market research professionals to ensure best practices and superior results.
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Our vision and goal

Digital transformation - leveraging advanced computing, connectivity and automated processes - is changing the world we live in sector by sector, industry by industry.
Everywhere you look, manual, complex, long and tedious processes are turning into quick and convenient solutions that as a result reduce costs, save customers a lot of money, and most importantly, increase the market as it enables new customers to enjoy best practices.
Market research is critical for business success and we have set ourselves the goal of transforming the market research industry, making this vital business tool accessible to millions of companies and organizations that cannot afford professional market research today.
Let’s make it simple and easy, as WeKnow's slogan says: Get your market research done!
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How does market research usually take place?

We conducted an online survey in the business community, and 96.4% of the respondents indicated that market research is a fundamental and even critical tool for the success of a business or organization.
Professional custom market research provides analysis and information that makes it possible to make informative, and therefore, improved decisions. The process of commissioning custom market research is typically complex, long, and expensive. It requires attention, knowledge, and countless actions and decisions about the scope, the methodology, the firm, the analyst, the price, and more, without any certainty of a satisfactory outcome.
As a result, companies who conduct market research must accept that it is a cumbersome, long, and costly process. Most companies and organizations avoid it and compromise on amateur, inadequate, and incomplete market research.
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This often leads to the adoption of wrong decisions with devastating business outcomes.
With WeKnow everything is easy and efficient.
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